Natural User Interface based on 3D Fog Display

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This project proposes a novel autostereoscopic display that can facilitate high-quality 3D perception and reach-through interaction. It consists of a mirror array that reflects a light field projected from a single projector. Each image in the light field is reflected on a fog screen from different direction, and is observed from a specific viewpoint due to Mie scattering. When an observer moves around the fog screen, images of different perspectives can be seen from different viewpoints thus providing motion parallax. We will first prototype a horizontal-parallax-only display using 1D mirror array arrangement. A calibration software will be developed to automatically correct mirror misalignments and projector lens distortion. We will quantitatively characterize system parameters including optimal angular separation between views, spatial resolution and pixel intensity. At later stage we will construct a larger-scale, full-parallax display using a 2D mirror array and a 4K projector. The immaterial 3D system will allow users to directly touch and manipulate virtual objects under marker-free and barrier-free settings, which will open up immense tangible and creative interaction possibilities. The proposed display does not require eyeglasses, head-mounted devices or eye-tracking, while allowing high-resolution, full-color 3D image to be observed from wide viewing angles by multiple simultaneous users.


Project number9440141
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/12/1528/02/18