Nanostructured Gas Sensor for Traffic Pollution and Environmental Monitoring Applications

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Over the recent years, there is an increasing demand for highly efficient sensors that are able to detect pollutant gases that are continuously produced from combustion engines. Although a good number of companies are offering products for air quality monitoring, many of the sensitivity, selectivity, and long-term stability requirements still present huge technological challenges to sensor manufacturers, amongst which selectivity in the presence of interfering gases and long-term stability are particularly problematic. This project aims to develop, fabricate, and experimentally verify gas sensor arrays that are highly sensitive and selective to NO2 and related gases, suitable for mass deployment in a sensor network infrastructure setting for traffic pollution and environmental monitoring. The proposed approach is the development and application of well-controlled nanostructured sensing surfaces, which is highly novel for commercial gas sensing products. This unique approach enables (1) improved sensitivity, (2) reduced sensing temperature, and (3) reduced power consumption. This project will upgrade the electronics industry through a breakthrough level of gas sensing product performance. In terms of social impact, this project will also provide a technological tool towards improving public health degradation due to environmental pollution, which is an urgent challenge for Hong Kong and the nearby region.


Project number9440246
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/02/2031/01/22