Nano Porous Metal Based Intermetallic and Metal-metalloid Reactive Materials on Silicon: Synthesis and Performance Evaluation

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The metal-based reactive nanomaterials have improved performance in terms of heat of reaction, heat release rate, ignition, and mechanical properties compared to their bulk/micro counterparts. This project aims to synthesize novel nano porous metal based intermetallic/metal–metalloid reactive materials and integrate them with a silicon substrate so as to open the door to achieve reactive nanomaterials based functional devices. The first step is to synthesize nano porous metals. The second step is to integrate the nano porous metals with other metals and metalloids to form highly exothermic intermetallic/metal–metalloid reactive nanomaterials. The third step is to integrate the selected reactive nanomaterials with silicon, a basic material for microelectronics and microsystems. The proposed reactive nanomaterials will have promising applications in airbags, belt tentioners, mining, de-construction, rapid fuses, micro/nano joining, micropropulsion, electric primers, explosive additives, propellant modifiers, arm fire and safe and arm devices used in missiles/rockets.


Project number7002558
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/05/1014/02/12