Multilingualism and Employment among Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

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This project takes as its starting point the notion that determining linguistic competence is a socially and ideologically mediated process, and applies this understanding to issues of (un)employment in Hong Kong. While previous sociolinguistic research has noted the ways in which Hong Kong's ethnic minorities' employment is linked to their linguistic (in) competence, this has led primarily to a focus on improving linguistic competency, rather than questioning the ways in which stakeholders may imagine and evaluate language ability to begin with. Drawing from recent advances in sociolinguistic theory, which foreground the social imaginary by exploring the ways in which time, place and people are imagined relative to language use and language ideology, this project will draw from media and institutional texts, ethno graphic observations, and interviews with stakeholders and ethnic minorities themselves to explore how the Hong Kong social imaginaries discursively constructs images of linguistic (in)competence and (un)employability for ethnic minorities.


Project number7200626
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