Multibit Printed Lowcost Flexible Flash Memory

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Multi-bit flash memory based on solution-processed printing technology with low cost and environment friendly materials is essential for technology application. Conventional flash memories mainly based on silicon technology has technical hurdles in transferring to flexible substrate and only two bit data storage can be achieved in single transistor. In this proposal, uniform monolayer of stabilizer-protected metal nanoparticles array with ultra-high density has been utilized as charging trapping layer for the application in flash memory. The solution processed core shell metal nanoparticles (NPs) is used as ink to be fabricated as large-area closely packed 2D array on the flexible substrate at low temperature. Compared with conventional technology, multi-bit data storage and larger memory window is obtained due to capacitive coupling between each metal NPs and the enhanced trapping site and almost no lateral leakage. In addition, long retention time (> 10 years) and good endurance property (> 1000000 cycles) can be achieved. These results suggest that this printable metal NPs monolayer through micro-contact print technique has great potential for scaling down the current state-of-art flash memory devices. Furthermore, the key device elements (metal NPs, bimetal core-shell NPs semiconductor layer and dielectric layer) are fabricated via low temperature processes, which can be readily adopted on plastic substrates.


Project number9440095
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/05/1330/10/14