Multi-Axis FPGA Based Motion Control IC Chip Design

Project: Research

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In our recent successful application for ITF tie-3 project (ITS/078/06), we propose to design a new cutting edge FPGA-based motion control IC chip. The core of this design is a flexible multi-axis motion control engine with Verilog HDL language. The design will be firstly implemented on an industry standard Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) provided by Xilinx, and then verified in a new motion control/driving product system that will be developed with the designed IC technology. The whole development will have two phases: Phase 1 – Design a new FPGA based motion control integrated circuit (IC); Phase 2 – Develop a 3-axis motion control and driving evaluation system with the proposed IC to verify effectiveness of the chip design. Success of this project will play a critical role to the follow-on chip prototyping that will be done after this project. The purpose of this top-up fund is for ensuring success of the on-going ITF tie-3 project, by further providing finance supports in all aspects related the ITF project. With this support, the investigation on the chip prototyping design may be initialized earlier.


Project number9668013
Grant typeITF(CityU)
Effective start/end date3/10/0630/09/09