Molecular Mechanics and Simulations of Wood

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The mechanical properties of wood and wood-based composites, which are used mainly in civil engineering structures including houses and bridges, degrade severely under various environmental effects such as moisture and elevated temperature. A material improvement of wood can be made nowadays with the advancement of nanotechnology. Using approach nanotechnology, wood-based composites can be generated, which is a renewable, sustainable and carbon-neutral resource. The objective of this proposed research is to understand the durability of wood through a comprehensive characterization of the variation of its nano-mechanical properties due to the moisture and temperature effects and by testing transformative approaches that change the way construction materials are design from the atomistic scale upwards, including the use of biologically inspired hierarchical material structures. A predictive model on the structural behavior of wood-based nanocomposites will be developed through the study on the atomic structure of the material with the use of molecular dynamics (MD) simulation. The concept and methodology used in this exploratory research is anticipated to lead to opening a new science-based engineering paradigm in the development of innovative and sustainable construction materials. It is believed that the proposed research work will have an enormous impact towards the building and construction sectors.


Project number7003036
Grant typeSG
Effective start/end date1/04/1330/03/15