Modelling for Heat Transfer Enhancement of Gas-Assisted Evaporation and Boiling Of Refrigerants in A Micro-And Mini-Channels

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The air-conditioning units in residential and business segments in subtropical areas, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, consume a significant amount of electricity in summer, as which mostly employ a vapor-compression refrigeration cycle. From the energy saving and reduction of CO2 emission point of view, it is significant to study the vital components of an air-conditioning system, such as evaporator and condenser or develop a less-energy consumption refrigeration system. Gas-assisted evaporator is a critical component in a diffusion-absorption refrigeration system. The objectives of the proposed study is to investigate theoretically heat transfer enhancement for gas-assisted evaporation and boiling of refrigerants in micro and mini-channels. Based on the data obtained in our previous studies, a semi-empirical equation and a one-dimensional theoretically model considering conduction/convection in the working fluid and its evaporation into the assisted gas will be developed to explore the potential of heat transfer enhancement.


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