Mixed Discrete-continuous Optimization for Equilibrium Signal-controlled Network Designs

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The proposed study will integrate the junction geometric and control aspects in the design of an equilibrium signal-controlled network, in which the paths in the equilibrium network will depend on the connectivity among the junctions that are governed by the geometric aspects, such as the lane configuration at junctions. Therefore, the problem can be formulated as a tri-level optimization problem, in which the network configuration will be defined by the feasible turning directions from the upstream junctions to the downstream junctions at the top level. At the middle level, the lane-permitted movements and aspects of signal settings that are represented by the binary variables at individual junctions will be determined. The bottom level will be the group-based optimization of signal timings for a traffic equilibrium network. The tri-level problem is solved by means of a heuristic procedure that comprises a generic algorithm, a branch-and-bound technique and a gradient-based signal optimization algorithm.


Project number9041157
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/0722/03/10