MINDSPACES HK - Responsive Neuro-design for Urbanism, Architecture and Interior Design

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Architecture and Urbanism have evolved in response to complex social, aesthetic, ecologic and economic challenges. At the same time, city design became a black box, excluding citizens, and non-professionals. Attempts of public involvement are often inaccurate, time and cost intensive. This research project proposes a new model of real-time participation of the public in the architectural design processes where no professional training is required. This research expands the MINDSPACES (MS-EU) project, funded by the European HORIZON2020-STARTS program. MINDSPACES aims to improve city spaces, work environments, home interiors and elderly housing design. While MINDSPACES proceeds real-time assessment of users' emotional responses via multi-sensing technology, wearable EEG (Electroencephalography), proprioceptive sensing, and behavior analysis, MINDSPACES HK proposes to creating a real-time responsive design technology for multiple simultaneous users. We thus develop a time effective method to involving the citizens - professional or non-professional - into the design of their environment. Mindspaces HK will deliver tools, workflows and applied methodological approaches with tangible outcomes in the area of design thanks to iterative electroencephalography technologies involving bio data from users and designers, and design generated in real time for end-user experiencing urban scenarios. 


Project number9051403
Grant typeEU_RGC
Effective start/end date1/03/1920/09/23