Mindfulness in Technology Adoption and Continued Use: A Longitudinal Study

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Mindfulness is an important emerging concept in information systems (IS) research. It is argued in this proposed research that mindfulness can help make sound decisions with regard to which technology to be chosen. Making sound decisions is important for organizations avoid substantial sunk costs associated with adopting technologically inferior technology. Based strongly on the mindfulness literature, this research seeks to define mindfulness in the context of technology adoption and conceptualizes it as a multi-faceted formative factor. A research model of mindfulness is developed to delineate how mindfulness influences the soundness of technology adoption decisions, including the influence of mindfulness at both the adoption and post-adoption stages. We plan to develop and validate measures for the mindfulness construct, and do a longitudinal empirical study to test the research model. The results are expected to show that mindfulness can help make sound adoption decisions, which are somewhat crystallized at the post-adoption stage through high (i.e., positive) disconfirmation, user satisfaction, modified beliefs, and intention to continue. Findings from this research contribute to IS research by providing a new conceptualization and measures of mindfulness and a new research framework for studying making sound choices of technology.


Project number7003007
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Effective start/end date1/04/1312/01/15