Microrobotic System for High-Precise Micro Helical Structure Fabrication

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Helical microstructure is regarded as one of the most fundamental geometries in laboratory and industry (e.g., mechanical manufacture, electronics, and biomedical engineering) for sensing, heating, actuating, and the like. As a key specification, the precision of helical structure highly regulates its working performance, e.g., the resolution of the force sensor, the signal of the antenna, etc. At current stage, although several kinds of methods have been proposed for high-precision helical structure fabrication at small scales, such as vapor phase deposition, glancing angle deposition, electro-spinning, 3D printing, etc, they are usually restricted to few types of materials and the fabrication of micro helical structure from metal remains a big challenge.This project aims at developing a microrobotic system with multiple units to realize the high-precise, flexible and automatic micro helical structure fabrication made of metal. To achieve that goal, this project will be implemented as below: 1) To develop a multi microrobotic system under microscope. We will develop the microrobotic system with four independent units to meet the manipulation requirement for helical structure fabrication at small scale. These units are with mm size and will be integrated with various microscopes (e.g., optical microscopy (OM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM)) based on requirements. 2) To study the cooperation strategy of multi microrobots. We will establish the model of the multi-robots, design the proper cooperation strategy and conduct the trajectory planning to realize the flexible manufacturing of the helical structure. Here, the system initialization, calibration and shaft alignment will be addressed as well. 3) To design the control strategy. We will develop a force and vision based hybrid sensing system and a dual feedback control method to realize the highprecise, flexible and automatic operation at microscopy environment. 4) We will manufacture the helical structures with controllable shape and promote them in the field of hybrid micro sensing, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy by cooperating with company.Compared with existing manufacture techniques, our proposed method is laconic, precise, flexible, and controllable. Moreover, it allows to manufacture the helical structure precisely from various metal for the first time. Besides the helical fabrication, the successful implementation of this project will have long-term impact on many aspects: it will pave a new path for the high-precise manufacture at small scale; it will deliver a series of micro structure with complex structure for various applications; and it will promote the fundamental material research and practical industry output.


Project number9042978
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/21 → …