Micro Manipulation of Biological Cells with Automatic Robot Systems

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Increasing demands for many technologically significant procedures such as table-top manufacturing and operations with robot network, the creation of transgenic organisms through insertion of genetic material into embryos and various other types of bio-cell manipulations, have provided new research opportunities within the field of robotics and automation at the micro-scale. This group project aims for funding a group research on state-of-the-art robotics micro-manipulation technology for biomedical applications. UGC recently approved our equipment application for an advanced optical tweezer system to facilitate our research activity in solving robotic manipulation of biological cells at the micro-scale. The advance of the technologies for robotics manipulation and analysis of biological objects at the micro scale holds the promise of improving research in biomedical field, such as disease diagnosis and treatment, cell characterization and sorting. Upon completion of the project, we will achieve the following objectives:to facilitate the micro robotics research group particularly in automated bio-cell manipulations;to provide a proof-of-concept demonstration of new and innovative theoretical framework applied to the micro robotic bio-manipulation platforms; andto enhance the research team to be internationally competitive with a critical mass.


Project number9360131
Grant typeOTHERS
Effective start/end date1/11/088/03/12