Materials Development and Their Surface Engineering for Non-reductive CO2 Upcycling to High Value-added Chemicals: From Fundamental Understanding to Practical Applications  

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Because of global industrialization over the past two centuries, the doubled CO2 level in the atmosphere so far has resulted in global warming and a series of environmental issues. Hong Kong with its position as Asia's world city recently launched “HK Climate Action Plan 2030+” to approach the goal of carbon neutralization set by Paris Agreement. Non-reductive CO2 upcycling is one of the most promising industrial approaches that not only converts CO2 to valueadded chemicals but allows the C atom to re-enter its cycle. However, the material, CeO2, often used to catalyze this reaction is expensive and rare in Earth’s crust with extreme globaldistribution. The development of cheap alternatives is thus imperative. Drawing from the PC’s previous experience on making a material active in another CeO2-catalyzed reaction, this project aims at exploring such material with activity comparable by regulating its surface coordination and electronic structures.


Project number7020053
Grant typeSIRG
Effective start/end date1/05/22 → …