Long Term Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring and Management in Hong Kong Hospitals in the Post COVID-19 Era

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For the first time, we aim to investigate the long-term aerodynamic characteristics of airborne viruses by measuring the viral RNA in aerosols in Hong Kong hospitals. Our study will provide a comprehensive understanding of indoor bioaerosoal generation/dispersion in the health care facilities using the new hybrid unmanned aerial vehicles and portable aerosol collectors. Our primary focus will be given to IAQ measurements in hospitals considering the ultra-high risk of cross infection.  Intensive care units, emergency rooms and negative pressure rooms in two identified hospitals including Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital and Queen Marry Hospital will be monitored. As a response to this pressing issue of better protecting healthcare workers, one ultimate objective is to realize a platform technology for the control of the spread of COVID-19 and, by extension, other respiratory infectious diseases in hospitals. The coherent information gained from this study will help provide immediate epidemiology guidelines for intervention policies. 


Project number7020039
Grant typeSIRG
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