Location Update Scheme in Probabilistic Location Dependent Continuous Queries

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Many emerging mobile applications rely on the real-time tracking of moving objects, for example a police car driver would like to know the number and up-to-date location of other supporting police cars in a mission. However, providing incessant updates of the location of the moving objects is impractical because bandwidth is a scarce resource in mobile networks. This leads to uncertainty in the location of the moving objects, which can affect the accuracy of answers to a location-dependent continuous query (LDCQ) on these objects. In this applied research project, the investigators introduce the notion of probabilistic continuous queries, and trade-off tracking cost against user-specific tolerances in the uncertainty of the query results. They will design algorithms to determine the location update rates to meet the user requirements, which will be important in the design of practical systems for supporting LDCQs.


Project number7002115
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0729/12/09