Liquid-filled Glazing Technology

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In modern buildings, glazing plays an important role in influencing energy demands and lighting requirements. The interrelation between fenestration design and thermal/visual performance has been receiving much attention. In this study, the system performance of liquid-filled double glazing integrated with a water-heater will be investigated. On sunny days, thermosyphon-induced liquid flow from the glass panes to a heat exchanger at the top frame can be used to preheat the supply water of a hot-water system. The aspects of thermal/daylight transmission and water-heating potential will be examined comprehensively through an experimental rig. The experiences gained will facilitate the production of a full-scale prototype that will be tested as a fenestration system at the external wall of a climate chamber, where thermal and visual comfort will be fully investigated. A numerical model validated by the experimental data will be incorporated into the whole-building simulation software for studying the integrative performance under different conditions of building use, glazing properties, orientation, occupancy, seasons, and the like. The purposes of the study are to provide solid technical information on the best use of this innovative system in a warm climate, and on the energy/cost saving potential of alternative arrangements.


Project number9041225
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/09/0714/02/11