Learning Coding and Prototyping (LCAP) Program

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In view of the growing requests from the University students joining University and regional competitions, Community Hackathons, Cyberport-University Partnership Program (CUPP), UGC TSSSU Funding scheme. There is a clear demand for University students across different colleges and schools to learn the fundamental coding skills, as well as the proper communication skills to programming developers. CityU Apps Lab (CAL) provides different courses and programs for University students, and high school studentss to form coding teams and promote coding culture in CityU and in Hong Kong. In this proposed project, our goal is to work closely with local industry partners, such as Oursky, and Microsoft, to develop the up-to-date coding materials for University students, as well as the training guideline for instructors for enabling University students to participate in innovation-driven competitions and activities, more importantly, to enable the students to develop the corresponding skills for prototyping their innovative ideas. One notable example is that one Apps Lab member has developed a mobile app serving the student residents at CityU, and this student has also developed a mobile app for automatically transform student academic calendar from ARRO to the Google calendar in the mobile phone. The developed learning materials will serve as a foundation for CityU MOOC and potentially another GE course.


Project number6980133
Grant typeTLF
Effective start/end date1/10/1731/12/18