Learning Building Decarbonization Technologies Incorporating Daily Life Experiences

Project: Research

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The effect of our daily life activities or behaviors (your house feature, your HVAC set-point, your HVAC usage schedule, your appliance efficiency level, your living customs, etc.) on the benefits (your energy bill, your carbon footprint) will be evaluated interestingly. Students are encouraged to implement some building decarbonization technologies in their own homes and measure the generated benefits using sensors. This project takes advantage of the PI’s unique research experiences in building decarbonization and the favorable background of students in SEE. The innovative incorporation of the daily-life-experience-oriented curriculum will raise students’ enthusiasm in applying building decarbonization technologies to address a series of practical energy and environmental issues in their future endeavors. The success of this project will strengthen the leading position of SEE and CityU in education, research, and service in the carbon decarbonization industry in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.


Project number6000762
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/06/2130/11/23