Learner Difficulties and Coping Strategies: A Grounded-theory Study on Audio Description Training in an English-Chinese Interpreting Program

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Audio description training (ADT) has attracted increasing attention from researchers. Existing studies on ADT are usually based on the trainers’ teaching experience and teacher-centered methodological issues. Only until recently have learner perspectives been explored. The project intends to examine students’ perceived difficulties and coping strategies in AD learning, and how AD learning is related to interpreting learning. The participants chosen will be 60 translation students enrolled in a university English-Chinese interpreting program in Hong Kong. By conducting interviews on students’ AD learning and a three-level grounded theory analysis on the data, this study will take a learner-centered approach in studying ADT, identify learner difficulties and coping strategies, compare AD learning and interpreting learning, and suggest possible directions for AD trainers to pursue in addressing learners’ needs in their future training activities.


Project number7020037
Grant typeSIRG
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