Isotopic Analysis of Trophic Relationship in a Subtropical Benthic Community

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Meiofauna are ubiquitous and abundant in marine benthic ecosystems. Despite the small biomass, meiofauna play an important role in matter cycling between primary and secondary producers due to their high turnover rate. Meiofauna are major food sources for macrobenthos. Thus, changes in meiofaunal composition subsequently modify the community structure of macrobenthos. Meio- and macrofauna are an integral part of marine food webs; however, the trophic relationship between them and their functions in matter transfer have rarely been studied. This research aims to investigate the food utilization of meio- and macrofaunal organisms and determine the food contribution of meiofauna to the higher-trophic-level macrofauna in a benthic community. Results of this research will help reveal the functional role of meio- and macrofauna in terms of biogeochemical processes of matter cycling and improve our understanding of the sources of food utilization of both meio- and macrobenthos in marine ecosystems.


Project number7002299
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/084/02/10