Is There a Chinese Social Work? A Case Study of Social Work Practice of Family Service Workers in Shenzhen

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Social work is a professional activity with strong affinity to Western culture. However, by nature of its activities, social work practice is necessarily responsive to cultural imperatives of the host society. Certain core cultural elements will find expression in a practitioner's in-situ thinking and acting. However, what these core cultural elements are and how they bear on social work practice is a 'black box'. The aim of this exploratory study is to open this 'black box' through narrative case study research. A purposeful sample of 6 social workers working in family service settings in Shenzhen each retells her/his counselling work in the first two sessions with a new client in a set of four 'practitioner inquiry' interviews. Interview transcripts are content analysed by discourse analysis and thematic analysis. Research findings will furnish the 'Chinese characteristics' of social work and discourse resources for developing cultural-sensitive social work education in China.


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