Investigation of Novel Anti-sticking Surface Coatings by Magnetron Sputtering Technique

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The present research project aims to develop novel surface coatings by physical vapor deposition (PVD) as a Cr replacement) in semiconductor IC encapsulation molds because of their advanced mechanical, tribological, chemical and anti-sticking characteristics. In this study, new anti-sticking coating systems based on nickel nitrides (Ni-Cr-N or Ni-Ti-N) will be deposited by CFUMSIP technique on mold steel materials. In addition to the wear and corrosion properties, the study of surface chemistry (e.g., anti-sticking performance) of these coatings is of vital importance for molding applications, and the mold releasing capability becomes the top-priority in coating selection and optimization. In most cases, the surface free energy has been considered to be the determining factor in the adhesion of molten epoxy to coated surfaces and they will be calculated with contact-angle measurements. The adhesion force of the coatings (releasing capability) will be evaluated by measuring the tensile force required to separate the EMC molded on the surface.


Project number7008058
Effective start/end date1/10/096/01/11