Investigation of Magnetic Field induced in Human body in High-Rise Buildings

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The human safety issue regarding extremely low-frequency (ELF) fields, generated by power utilities such as substations and overhead power lines, has been a great concern for many years. To prevent adverse health effects on humans caused by ELF fields, the World Health Organization, International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers [1-3] have published guidelines to specify the limits of radiated magnetic field; it is recommended that the magnetic field at power frequency shall be below 100μT.In general, High Voltage (HV) overhead power lines would carry high voltage from the power plant, and the substations would reduce voltage to a lower level and increase current to a higher level for domestic and general purposes. It has been a concern of high level electric field in the overhead lines; it has also been a great concern in recent years for magnetic field in high current carrying busway in high-rise buildings. The demand of power to modern high rise buildings is equivalent of a middle size town to 500MVA, in general; all the power is required to deliver within the center core of the high-rise buildings where offices are within meters to the current carrying conductors of several thousand amperes. The proposed study will look into the impact of magnetic field radiations at power frequency inside high-rise buildings, where current carrying conductors are in the vertical orientation in the upward direction, different to that of power lines in the horizontal orientation. The proposed study will also include a body model in the analysis for the evaluation of magnetic field due to vertical current carrying conductors of the high rise buildings.


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