Investigation of Fractional Body Models for SAR Evaluation

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Specific absorption rate (SAR) evaluation of the radiation from wireless communication devices is an important indicator of the safety of human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields. An assessment of SARs is based on two approaches: SAR measurement or numerical analysis. SAR measurement requires extremely costly equipment and a whole human body standard anthropomorphic model phantom, while numerical modelling of the human body requires a detailed numerical model of the whole body. Numerical analysis has recently been the most favourable approach because it is more adaptive to changes in parameters, including the properties and dimensions of various human tissues and organs. Since the radiation from any wireless communication device is generally localized to the vicinity of the radiating antenna, it is possible that a fraction of the body can be used for the analytical approach, instead of whole-body modelling, for an efficient SAR evaluation. This project will investigate the feasibility of using fractional human body modelling for efficient SAR evaluation.


Project number7002281
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/086/10/09