Investigating the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Role in the Transformation of Development

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The proposed research project - situated within critical political economy - is designed toproduce a study of the World Bank's private sector arm, the International FinanceCorporation (IFC) and its underappreciated role in reshaping development policy around abroad pro-private sector and finance-oriented focus. The IFC is now the world's largestsource of multilateral funds for the private sector and is responsible for lending andmobilising very large sums for both public and private actors via an array of differentmodalities including lending, co-financing, equities, bond issuances and political riskinsurance. The project is specifically interested in questions of why the IFC promotes aparticular array of policies (focusing on attendant interests and ideology) and - importantly -focuses analytical attention on the contested, contradictory and uneven implementation of theIFC's agenda in particular country contexts. The project has scholarly implications for howboth the nature and influence of contemporary development policy (and other policy sets) areappraised and understood. The project also stands to be of significant relevance to stateagencies, multilateral organisations, NGOs and activists interested in the very latest iterationsof development policy, development practice, and development alternatives.


Project number7004756
Effective start/end date1/09/1622/03/19