Inter-active Mobile Platform for Animated Construction Work Sequence (IMPACWS)

Project: Research

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Interactive animation is an effective means to illustrate the essential construction work sequence. Learning through mobile devices is becoming essential in particular for students conducting field works to explore new technology. The proposed Inter-active Mobile Platform for Animated Construction Work Sequence (IMPACWS) project is to establish an interactive mobile platform to enable students to access the interactive animations using mobile electronic devices and upload the photos, videos and written findings with reference to the key steps of the construction work sequence taken during field works for sharing with classmates. The investigators have prepared a batch of animations displayed in the BST e-Learning Centre to facilitate self-motivated and flexible learning. This project would also enrich the existing animation collections and upgrade them to become compatible with the smart phones and electronic tablets using iOS or Andriod operating systems. A webpage and an App will be developed for the operation of the IMPACWS. A sustainable database for the construction work sequence contributed by students will gradually be built up. The student contribution in the preparation of the self-learning material approach would encourage students to discover new knowledge.


Project number6000497
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/05/144/12/15