Interaction between Organic Molecules and Silicon Nanostructures

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  • Ning Bew WONG (Principal Investigator / Project Coordinator)


Nanomaterials have attracted much interest in their potential applications arising from their novel electronic, optical, magnetic and thermoelectric properties. Silicon nanostructures (nanowires and nanoparticles) have been demonstrated as excellent candidates for chemical and biological sensing and photonic applications. To further develop Si-based nanosensors and optoelectronic nanodevices, it is essential to understand the surface properties of Si nanostructures along with their interactions with chemical and biological species. To provide information for designing nanodevices from Si nanostructures, this study will be performed on modifying the surfaces of Si nanostructures with some organic molecules designed to modify their surface properties. Interaction between the molecules and surfaces of Si nanowires or Si nanoparticles will be studied, and the unique property and quantum-size effect of the Si nanostructures will be investigated. Finally, the correlation of the relationship between the properties and the corresponding structure of the modified Si nanostructures will be determined, which is of fundamental importance for the development of nanosensors and nanodevices.


Project number9041108
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/079/02/10