Intelligent Stratum Ventilation System

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Conventional ventilation modes applied in an air-conditioned space can be broadly categorized into mixing ventilation, displacement ventilation and task/personalized ventilation. However, under many circumstances, these systems either are difficult to be applied or do not satisfy the required performance for indoor air quality, thermal comfort and energy efficiency simultaneously. Intelligent stratum ventilation, the new ventilation system proposed by the authors, could be a solution to these problems. An extensive literature review will be conducted, and architects and practicing engineering experts will be contacted to develop the design guidelines for the new ventilation systems. Experimental measurements and computer simulations will be carried out to study the system performance in buildings with these guidelines. A simplified analytical method will be developed to provide more information. Energy and cost analysis of designing, installing and operating the systems will be made in comparison to conventional ventilation systems. Finally, a set of design guidelines for the application of the system will be developed.


Project number9041146
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/079/03/10