Intelligent Real-time Diagnostic and Control Techniques for Optimum Cathode Heating Current in Fluorescent Lamps Driven by High Frequency Dimmable Electronic Ballast

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This project proposes a new diagnostic and control method for an intelligent fluorescent lamp dimming system. The main objectives are:to develop an integrated design approach for a dimmable electronic ballast;to develop an understanding of the physical characteristics of the fluorescent lamp cathode voltage drop and its relationships with other parameters such as the electrode heating current, lamp operating voltage and discharge current;to develop a method of estimating in real time an optimum cathode heating current; andto use a recently patented non-intrusive parameter estimation method, developed by the co-investigator, to derive the instantaneous values of the cathode voltage drop, discharge current and lamp power.The results of this project should lead to long-term energy saving in lighting systems. The further understanding of the fluorescent lamp's cathode behavior is a contribution to a theoretical study of the discharge lamp.


Project number9041162
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/09/062/03/11