Intelligent Compression, Transmission and National Standardization for High-throughput Genome Data

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The rapid development of genome sequencing technology has fundamentally changed the way humans study the blueprints of life. With the continuous development of genome sequencing technology, the expense of sequencing has been largely reduced, and the efficient compression and transmission of big genome data have become the fundamental technology of the bioinformatics industry. Based on the long-term collaborations of the two PCs from Hong Kong and Mainland, as well as the recent development of artificial intelligence, this project aims to explore the inherent redundancy and utility within the genome data, and achieves high-efficiency compression and transmission of high-throughput genome data through the optimal representation with deep neural networks. The research outcomes of this project are expected to significantly contribute to the national standardizations of genome data compression with independent intellectual property rights, and lead to numerous applications in related fields.


Project number9440264
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/04/21 → …