Intelligent Agents Enhanced Data-mining for Securities Trading Data

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Securities trading data are direct feed from securities trading markets, such as stock markets, futures markets, and option markets. Data mining techniques have been used to uncover hidden patterns and predict future trends and behaviours in securities trading markets. The competitive advantages achieved by data mining include increased revenue, reduced cost, and much improved marketplace responsiveness and awareness.However, individual data mining techniques often cannot react to dynamic data environment changes. One potential solution is to integrate several data mining techniques together and to use them collaboratively during a particular data mining operation. Consequently, a research challenge is to select suitable data mining techniques and to adjust data mining parameters dynamically corresponding to the changes in security data environment. This research will integrate the intelligent agent approach with data mining systems, and construct a collaborative data-mining platform with a collection of different intelligent data mining agents. The proposed intelligent data mining will be able to select and adapt data mining techniques dynamically and effectively, therefore improving the overall effectiveness of the data analysis.


Project number7002154
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0721/10/09