Integrating Scientific Reasoning and Deliberation in Pursuing Urban Sustainability in Hong Kong

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This project is aimed to equip future generation of professionals with skills necessary foranswering the grand call for forming collective actions towards sustainability. Wickedproblems such as climate change, pollution, or social inequality always involve a diversegroup of stakeholders who hold different values and share unevenly distributed costs andbenefits. Societal consensus is thus critical for materializing the potential of technologicaladvancement as well as for enabling individual/community actions towards sustainabledevelopment goals. CityU students are expected to become professionals who can work withdiversity and engage with localized solution finding towards better sustainability in HongKong and beyond. Thus, this project will experiment with incorporating both scientificreasoning and deliberation in GE2261 (Urban Sustainability in Hong Kong). Adopting aproblem-driven and learning by doing approach, the students will work on deliberativescenarios to practice both analytic and social processes of deliberation in reaching mutualunderstanding and consensus on how to address a specific sustainability challenge faced byHong Kong society. By completion of the course, students are expected to acquire thefollowing transferrable skills, (1) understand assumptions and value judgements integral todecision-making, (2) critically apply stakeholder analysis and cost-benefit analysis, and (3)practice deliberation in collective decision-making. The problem-driven and experiential learning in this course will enable students to work confidently on sustainability challenges that are inherently value-laden, by discovering and deliberating on value judgments that are previously hidden, cultivating professional accountability, and developing leadership skills.


Project number6000785
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/01/22 → …