Integrating functional and Molecular Profiling in Single Immune Cells via Microfluidic Pheno-Seq for Blood Biomarker Identification

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Integration of multidimensional data of single cells is critical in understanding immune function and gene regulation of single cells to implement precision immunotherapy against diseases. Here, we aim to develop a high throughput microfluidic technology for single-cell phenotype analysis (Pheno-Seq), that will integrate functional and transcriptomic profile in the same single cells with a large cell population (~104cells) via a single sequencing experiment. There are three steps introduced for Pheno-Seq: 1. Capture the proteins on cell surface by cholesterol linked antibodies; 2. Label captured proteins by DNA barcoded antibodies; 3. Sequencing to indicate cell phenotypes to correlate with its own genes for multidimensional profiling. To show the case, multidimensional analysis of single immune cells in bloods will be demonstrated. The successful realization of Pheno-Seq will allow an effective objective assay for the determination of the target immune cells to guide the blood biomarkers for cell manufacturing towards personalized medicine. 


Project number7020030
Grant typeSIRG
Effective start/end date1/05/22 → …