Integrated Visual Sensing for Mixed Scale Motion Tracking

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In many practical applications such as visual surveillance, interesting events often occur at mixed scales with small motions occurring together with long range movements. How to track the motions in order to obtain the high resolution needed to recover the subtle details, while at the same time maintaining the working volume, remains a challenge.In this project, the integration of omni-directional vision with colour-encoded structured light vision is proposed for enhanced visual sensing and tracking. The omni-directional vision will allow a large area for tracking and guide the colour-encoded structured light vision to focus on a small area that can be adjusted to meet the resolution requirements in resolving the subtle motion details and pose changes of the target. A new modelling method will also be investigated to provide reliable tracking of the pose of objects with articulated structures and deformable shapes. Implementation case studies will be conducted to demonstrate the practical uses of the proposed work.


Project number9041144
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/078/02/10