Integrated Powertrain with Intelligence System 

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This project aims to develop an Integrated Powertrain with Intelligence System (IPIS). The architecture of the proposed IPIS consists of a back-to-back converter, an electric machine, and modules sensing the driving voltages and currents for condition monitoring. Wideband gap devices will be utilized in a back-to-back converter and current source inverter (CSI) topology will be adopted. Switching surfaces in the boundary control of the CSI will be derived to achieve fast control of the inverter. Fast and energy-efficient motoring and regenerating capabilities of the CSI will be investigated. As for the sensing modules, the sensed voltage and current waveforms will be used for not only control of the converter, but also for diagnosis of the electric machine and the drive. A computational intelligence algorithm, using co-evolutionary computational technique, will be executed to estimate the real-time parameters of the motor’s model and the drive. It has low susceptibility to trapping in local optima and also allows parallel-processing. The estimated parameters of the motor’s model and the critical components in the motor drive can reflect the status of the motor, drive, corresponding protection actions will be taken to avoid unscheduled downtime of the motor.


Project number9440250
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/07/2031/07/23