Integrated In-situ Manufacturing and Application of Thermal Functional Structures of the Electrode for Power Batteries

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The major cause for power battery accidents is thermal runaway. This project aims at the demand of efficient thermal control oflithium-ion power batteries, providing an integrated in-situ method to manufacture surface thermal functional structures (STFS) on the metallic foil of the current collector. The STFS helps realize integrated construction of the material, structure, and function of the battery electrode, enhance heat dissipation, and improve the internal thermal design, with no need for introducing new materials or additional components into the battery. Besides, the STFS also benefits improving the contact between the active materials and current collector, thereby maintaining internal thermal stability of the battery. This project has great significances in breaking through the bottleneck of battery safety, promoting sustainable development of new-energy vehicle industry, as well as realizing win-win cooperation between Hongkong and Guangdong.


Project number9440312
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/06/22 → …