Institutional Distance, Governance Strategy, and Performance in Marketing Channels

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It is well established that institutional distances constrain channel governance strategy and performance. However, the synthesis of constraints and motivation effectiveness are often not well-established nor clear. In this study, the broad institutional framework will be adopted that allows the categorization of the macro-level effects into three categories: regulatory, normative and cognitive institutions. At first, measures of institutional distances will be developed and validated in the realm of channel management. Then, following theoretical work on institutions and organizations, it is proposed that the institutional distances are distinct antecedents of inter-organizational governance strategy. Third, the effects of the three institutional distances will be investigated on two main governance forms (contracts and relational governance). Finally, this research will examine the linkage of channel governance strategy to channel performance by taking account of the moderating effects of institutional distances. Overall, this study will provide new insights on the interjection of institutional forces and strategic responses in channel management.


Project number9041182
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/074/03/10