Instilling Culture of Innovation through Exposure

Project: Research

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In a knowledge based society, innovation is inevitable the cornerstone of modern economies. The World Economic Forum (Schwab 2013) studied the competitiveness of 148 economies and Hong Kong ranks 7th in terms of overall competitiveness. However, when innovation is considered, Hong Kong is not well placed among the neighboring economies. The objective of the project is to cultivate a culture of innovation in CityU construction students through exposure to exemplars. Upon completion of the project, students would be able to: (1) define innovations in construction; (2) have in-depth knowledge of exemplars of innovations in construction developed in Hong Kong; and (3) develop an aptitude in innovation The pedagogical underpinning for this project therefore is based on Kolb’s 4-stage cycle of experiential learning in which i) Concrete Experiences (CE) provide a basis for ii) Reflective Observation (RO). These observations are assimilated and distilled into iii) Abstract Conceptualization (AC) producing new implications for action which can be Actively Experimented (AE). The key deliverable of the project is a catalogue of innovations in Hong Kong construction industry. The development stories of innovations in construction and their contributions to the advancement of the construction industry will also be analysed. These collectively would experience the discovery of innovation.


Project number6000452
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/11/1331/03/15