Innovative Design of Ultra-strong and Ductile Metallic Materials via the Dynamically Transformable Nano-twinning - RMGS

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(1). To elucidate the intrinsic origins governing the anomalous mechanical metastability of twinning nanostructures, with an emphasis on the alloying effects of various elements.(2). To quantitatively reveal the effects of localized atomic environment and crystalline texture on the phase transformation pathways of the novel dynamically transformable nano-twinned alloys through a combination of experimental and theoretical study.(3). To quantitatively evaluate the mechanical behaviors and plastic deformation mechanisms of the dynamically transformable nano-twinned alloys at various temperatures (cryogenic and elevated temperatures) and then establish a valid scientific basis for designing ultra-strong and ductile alloys for cutting-edge engineering applications.


Project number9229121
Grant typeDON_RMG
Effective start/end date1/05/23 → …