Industrialization and Application of Super-hard Nano-composite Coatings and Their Preparation Technique

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Nanocomposite hard/superhard coatings are presently the high-end coatings in the field of wear resistance applications with their extreme demands. The development of next generation hard/superhard coatings should base on appropriate material design. Nowadays, only few foreign manufacturers can produce nanocomposite coatings by arc technology, which has some limitations in application and the investment of equipment is huge. In this project, new nanocomposite hard coatings will be prepared in a prototype reactor for industrial uses. A new coating equipment with automatic control, which comprises a hybrid plasma process combining mid-frequency sputtering, filtered arc and ion beam sources in one vacuum chamber, will be fabricated and industrialized. In addition, the nanocomposite coatings (e.g., TiSiN, TiAlSiN, and TiAlSiCN, etc) will be deposited, characterized, optimized, and transferred into large-scale industrial production. Such a goal also requires the development of the relevant in-situ plasma diagnostics and process control. In addition, the cutting performance of the nanocomposite coatings will be evaluated. It is envisaged that this new research and development program will lead to improved knowledge of these novel coating materials, and provide practical techniques of how they can be economically synthesized and gainfully used by manufacturing industries in Hong Kong and the mainland China.


Project number9667026
Effective start/end date1/06/092/12/11