Individual Learner Factors in Learning Mandarin Chinese as a Second Language: An Investigation of College Exchange Students in Hong Kong

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Individual difference factors have been addressed by researchers in their influence on language learning process and outcomes. The specific individual difference variables include age, aptitude, cognitive style, motivation, anxiety, confidence, and personality in SLA…etc. It has been established that individual differences play an important part as the main influencing factors on second language learning. However, most studies have isolated the individual difference factors instead of examining the relationships between them; few studies have examined the learners of Chinese with culturally and linguistically diversified backgrounds. Besides, the limited studies on Chinese language pedagogy cannot meet the growing demand of Chinese programs. This study will fill the gap by investigating the influence and interaction of individual learner factors in a Hong Kong college Chinese class. The participants will be students from European, North American and Asian countries. The investigations will be conducted using both quantitative and qualitative approaches, in which questionnaires will be designed and administered and interviews will be held with selected subjects from different strata. Statistical and qualitative analysis will be conducted and a model will be generated indicating how individual learner factors interact with each other in influencing second language learning. The findings can contribute greatly to the understanding of the role played by individual learner factors in linguistically and culturally diversified backgrounds and environment.


Project number7002542
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Effective start/end date1/04/1010/10/12