Independent Documentary Filmmaking in Hong Kong

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An initial research on the history and development of independent documentary in Hong Kong will fill a long-term blank in Hong Kong's cultural history. The existing and on-going research on Hong Kong documentary is both rare and mostly focused on TV documentaries. After the handover in 1997, Hong Kong is often considered a "disappearing" city that is "inter-national" or caught between nations. While official media (especially TV) need to tackle various political forces, could independent documentarists record Hong Kong's true changing states? An initial research has shown that as early as the 1980s, a video advocacy group Video Power began to take up the challenge by using documentary as a force to influence the ruling power. As the society going through drastic changes over the past two decades, to what extent has the group (now with different members from younger generations) maintain its original goal? In recent years, independent documentary film director Tammy Cheung has made her name for making a serious of documentary films concerning Hong Kong's present and its people's state of living. Younger groups like V-artivist also reveal sincere concern to Hong Kong's society and call for free participation to most of its screenings. From 2006, CNEX started to produce independent documentaries focusing on Chinese people living in Chinese-language territories. Last year, it helped to produce a documentary about five Hong Kong residents living in povertyAll's Right with the World. Would Hong Kong's local system provide enough support to its documentary production, or would investment from China and Taiwan help Hong Kong's documentary production? These are pressing issues that need to be examined along the historical development of its documentaries.


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