In-and-out of the Psychology Lab: Development of a laboratory-based DEC-enriched teaching and learning protocol for Psychology students

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The aim of this proposed project is to support the Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) currently implemented in the University and to supplement and advance the current teaching practices in the Psychology discipline. One core feature of the DEC is to provide our students with opportunities to achieve original discovery while studying at CityU by equipping them with the required skills and offering them opportunities to communicate their discoveries with the public. Since Psychology, as a scientific discipline, emphasizes objective and empirical evidence in our understanding of human mind and behavior, it is of paramount importance to ensure our Psychology students can receive comprehensive and hands-on research training, especially the lab-based skill training. The Psychology lab in the Nam Shan Estate currently houses a number of state-of-the-art research equipment (e.g., BSL psychophysiology system, eye-tracker, and virtual reality system, etc.) supporting mainly the research work of faculty members. However, a comprehensive training protocol introducing students (at their level) the different equipment in the lab and equipping them the basic operational skills is yet to be available. In view of this, the present project is proposed to include two major phases. In the first phase, a comprehensive and systematic training package for our Psychology major students to acquire hands-on lab-based research skills will be developed and implemented. In the second phase, after receiving the proper lab-based training, participating students will be offered opportunities to communicate their learning to the general public. They will be invited to be Psychology Student Ambassadors to share with the public sector how psychological research is done in CityU and how the discoveries can be transferred to impact the society. This proposed project is innovative which will create a DEC-enriched platform bridging up our Psychology students, our Psychology lab, our faculty members’ research, as well as the community we serve. The significance and benefits of the expected outcomes include 1) enhancing our Psychology students’ basic skills in knowledge discovery, 2) providing students opportunities to communicate their learning and discoveries with the general public, 3) increasing the visibility of our Psychology lab both within and outside of the CityU community, and 4) making available a sustainable lab-based training protocol which can be used by future Psychology students.


Project number6000656
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/06/18 → …