Improving Visual Inspection Performance by Optimising Display Factors of Luminance, Luminance Contrast, and Color Contrast

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In this research two experiments will be conducted to investigate the effects of display factors on visual lobe shape characteristics, and to identify display factor settings in order to optimize lobe shape parameters and consequently improve inspection performance. The first experiment will investigate the interaction between luminance and luminance contrast and their effects on lobe shape parameters and subjective preferences for display settings. In the second experiment, the variation of lobe shape characteristics with different target-background chromatic contrasts will be studied to identify the color contrast settings that optimize lobe shape characteristics. This research will identify the changes in lobe shape parameters that occur as a result of display factor settings and will also provide a basis for predicting and improving inspection performance in different visual environments.


Project number7002665
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/05/114/11/13