Improving the Synchronizability of Complex Dynamical Networks

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The current study of complex dynamical networks has made a significant impact on modern engineering and technology. This project focuses on a fundamental issue of common concern in the research of complex dynamical networks: network synchronizability and its improvement. It emphasizes basic theory and practical criteria for network synchronizability, based on a new concept of degree-degree correlation coefficient, using some real-world networks such as the Internet as realistic models for study. The important issue of how the topology affects the synchronizability in a network will be addressed, thereby finding a way to improve network synchronizability by a suitable slight change of its topology. The research outcome will lead to promising future Internet-related engineering applications such as optimal network design, effective virus-spreading prevention, and efficient congestion control strategies.


Project number7002134
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0712/01/09