Improvement of Productivity and Reliability of Cutting Tools by the Combination of Cutting Edge Preparation and Surface Coating

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Hard coatings provide the modern cutting tools with wear resistance and protection against the heat generated at high cutting speeds. Nowadays a challenge for tool suppliers is to increase the tool productivity and reliability in order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of modern manufacturing industry. The present research project includes the synthesis, characterization and field tests of superhard nanocomposite nitride coatings deposited on cutting tools including high-speed steel and cemented carbide. These novel coatings will be prepared by a new integrated PVD process. Mechanical, tribological and chemical properties of the coatings, such as hardness, friction coefficient, wear-resistance, thermal stability and oxidation resistance, will be studied, and the cutting performance of the coated tools will be evaluated. The feasibility to fabricate these coatings in an industrial scale will be explored.


Project number9666008
Effective start/end date1/04/1230/12/13