Implementing and Evaluating a Virtual Fitness Trainer System for Improving Work Productivity

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Physical fitness is the key to the health of individuals and affects not only their daily lifestyles but also their occupational effectiveness.This project uses the Design Science approach to propose, develop and evaluate a virtual fitness trainer system that can offer influential “cues to action” to stimulate individuals’ self-determined motivation and impact their participation in office-based fitness activity, so as to improve their productivity at work.Drawing upon Similarity-attraction Theory and the leadership literature, the design of our proposed virtual fitness training system is embodied in the virtual trainer avatar’s appearance and its reminding style. This virtual trainer system is expected to motivate employee to participate and persist in suggested fitness activity, which is contributing to the well being of employees and their employers regarding work productivity improvement.To evaluate the proposed virtual trainer system, this project adopts a longitudinal field experiment along with survey, interview, and observation.


Project number7002644
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/05/1130/06/11