Immediate Benefits as Motivators for Physical Activity Participation: The Roles of Age and Future Time Perspective

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Engaging in physical activity involves a decisional balance among the values of competing activities. Since the values of the benefits decay with time, promoting physical activity by immediate benefits (e.g., psychological and social) may be more effective than long-term health benefits alone. As older adults perceive time as more limited than younger adults, it is expected that long-term benefits may become less valued by older than younger adults. Therefore, this study aims to examine whether older adults report more immediate benefits of physical activity, and consider them as more important. The relationships among the content domains, immediacy, and importance of the benefits will also be examined. Finally, age, time perception, immediacy, and importance of benefits will be used to predict physical activity participation at baseline, and 1- and 3-month follow-ups, respectively, using path analyses. Results of the study can inform the development of future physical activity interventions.


Project number7002547
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Effective start/end date1/04/1017/04/12