Imagery Focalization in Classical Chinese Poetic Texts and its Implications for Chinese Poetics and Poetry Translation: An initial study of the textual-cognitive functions of lexemes yi ‘one’, gu ‘lonely’, du ‘alone’ and the like

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In an anecdote of “‘One’-Character-Master” (Shiren Yuxie c.1244), the master advises a poet to replace “several boughs” with “a bough” in a line that reads “In front of a snow-buried hamlet, last night several boughs of plum burst into bloom “, claiming that this would better depict the factual reality. Yet, based on studies of perception/cognition, the hypothesis to be tested in this project is that the power of such poetic visions comes from the projection of a better focalized image.The researchers thus propose to study the textual-cognitive functions and significance of the lexemes of singularity (e.g., “one”, “lonely”, and “lone”) in classical Chinese poetry (original and in translation), especially when they interplay with lexemes indicating plurality/multiplicity, e.g., “thousand”, “ten-thousand”, and “mutual”.


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